Yes, Shoppers Actually Do Like Those Adventurous New Food Flavors

Food marketers are constantly experimenting with crazy flavors to get consumers to try new products. Those gimmicks are successfully piquing shoppers' interest (regardless of how something actually tastes), according to new findings from uSamp.

These Top New Supermarket Products Show How Much We Love Carbs

Eating low carb, minimally processed foods may be the diet fad du jour, but clean eating doesn’t stand a chance against the likes of Eggo’s new blueberry cobbler waffle variety, according to a ranking of the top new grocery products in August, released today. 

Instantly Says It Can Tell Brands Which New Products People Will Actually Buy

If you recently found yourself hovering over a box of Chewy Chips Ahoy With Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and then took that box of chocolately cookie goodness up to the cash register, you are not alone.