US Airways

US Airways Won’t Fire Anyone for Porno Tweet

Give US Airways credit for not doing the knee-jerk thing most any other corporation would have done, instead circling the wagons while trying to make sense out of its pornographic tweet from Monday.

Southwest Shines With Flight Attendant’s Viral Video as Social Media Sours for Other Airlines

It's been a weird week for airlines in social media, and it's only Tuesday. On Monday a Dutch teen was arrested for tweeting a threat to American Airlines, and US Airways accidentally tweeted a photo of a woman using a model airplane as a sex toy. But here's one airline that's actually getting some positive attention this week: Southwest.

US Airways Tweet Shows Nude Woman Using Model Airplane as Sex Toy

Brands and Twitter sometimes make strange bedfellows. But when US Airways decides to screw the social media pooch, it doesn't toy around. 

A Tweet, Selfie and Instagram Video Just Broke That US Airways News

A US Airways plane en route to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Thursday evening blew a tire while trying to take off from the Philadelphia International Airport, and though the aircraft won’t be taking to the skies anytime soon, news of the accident has already circled the globe.