South by Southwest Has Added Special Programming to Discuss ‘Tech Under Trump’

Members of the technology community will address what a Trump presidency means for the industry at South by Southwest in March.

Why Upworthy Was the Perfect Match for Facebook’s Inspirational Branded Content

When Upworthy was created in 2012, the site's content generated an uplifting, positive message. But as it grew, the site understood that the entirety of the human experience is what's inspiring.

Upworthy Lays Off 14 Staffers to Focus on Digital Video

Upworthy, the content-aggregation site known for its positive, feel-good viral posts, is jumping further into the digital video fray.

Modern PSAs Shock or Amuse Where Classics Only Preached

Imagine you're watching an X-rated version of Game of Thrones (you don't have to admit that out loud), and all of a sudden, up pops a message about testicular cancer.

Emotional and Effective, Upworthy’s Native Ads Have Brought in More Than $10 Million for the Site

When Starbucks wanted to share the uplifting story of how its local events helped a deaf woman discover a large, supportive community, the coffee chain turned to a somewhat obvious choice: Upworthy.

Upworthy Claims It Can Deliver Its Positive Spin for Brands

At some point, you've probably come across a post from Upworthy, the publisher known for its emotional stories that make readers feel pumped up about the world.

Facebook Algorithm Tweaks Hurt Viral Sites More Than Other Publishers

Publishers are claiming that content they share on Facebook pages isn't reaching as many readers as it used to.

Upworthy Touts New Metric [Updated]

Upworthy, the social cause driven content upstart, says the page view is a lousy metric. It also believes that time spend doesn't cut it either when it comes to gauging success for a Web publisher.

Create Your Own Overly Emotional, Click-Baiting Headline With the Upworthy Generator

You've undoubtedly seen them: the saccharine-slathered headlines of Upworthy.com, promising you'll "never see the world the same again" after watching some YouTube video about bullied kids or racism or whatever.

Fast Company Declares Upworthy Fastest Growing Media Site of All Time

Upworthy, the social sharing site for emotionally resonant videos and links, is the "fastest growing media site of all time," according to Fast Company.