United Way

How Iconic Charities Like Red Cross and United Way Are Trying to Win Over Millennial Donors

Some of the country's most iconic nonprofits have struggled to raise money in the past few years while a new breed of philanthropic organization is thriving thanks in large part to its appeal to millennial donors.

Why United Way Is Taking the Leap and Hiring Its First CMO

Specs Current gig Evp, global CMO at United Way Worldwide Previous gig Evp and CMO at Clear Channel Outdoor Twitter @VickiLins

For safe text, wrap your phone in a condom

This phone is wearing a condom to encourage teens to practice "safe text," which involves resisting the urge to send nude cell-phone pics of oneself all over creation. The work […]

Teens encouraged not to have stinky babies

The back-to-school season brings a unique teen-pregnancy message to the young people of Milwaukee, where bus shelters have been outfitted with scratch-and-sniff diapers, beckoning passersby to have a whiff. The […]

Help or snub the poor with Campbell Mithun

Campbell Mithun has launched anti-poverty banners for the Greater Twin Cities United Way that feature impoverished people and buttons that read "Accept" and "Ignore." You're encouraged to choose one or […]

United Way proves to be a terrific exfoliant

Publicis in Toronto has produced a few notable new spots for the United Way. "Youth" and "Homelessness" both show people in desperate straits literally shedding their skin to start anew. […]