Want to Ride in the Ecto-1 Car From Ghostbusters? Try Lyft

If you've ever dreamed of riding in one of the Cadillacs from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, this week could be your chance.As part of a promotion around the July 15 release of the film's reboot, ride-booking app Lyft and Sony Pictures are teaming up for a campaign and free rides in five cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.

Minions Inspire Love and Hatred With Their Marketing Run Amok

It was all bound to happen because that's how the Internet works: First we prop big sensations up, and then we revel in their downfall. And that's exactly what has gone down—already—with the Minions movie, even though it premieres in the United States today.

Twinkies Relaunch as Dude Food

For the recent relaunch of Twinkies, an iconic American snack that disappeared from shelves for eight months while the company switched hands and emerged from bankruptcy, Hostess has a new grown-up message: these cakes are dude food.The company behind Twinkies and HoHos now has men in mind—specifically convenience-food-loving guys 18-35 years old.

Campbell Mithun Asks Intern Applicants to Plan the Future of the Twinkie

UPDATE: The agency has picked its Lucky 13 Internship finalist. Check them out, along with their Twinkie marketing ideas, here and in the video below.

’70s Ad Hinted That Twinkies Were Not of This World

Hostess, which is going out of business after a crippling strike, had a proud history of weird ads, particularly back in the 1970s. This one for Twinkies is a classic. Note the ongoing fascination with the space age; the spot's casual sexism; and the implication that Twinkies could probably survive, more or less still edible, a trip across the yawning chasm of space.

World’s Worst Athletes Reach for the Fluffy Gold of Twinkies

Ever wonder what kind of junk food Michael Phelps reaches for when he gets the munchies? Probably not Twinkies. That's because Hostess much prefers athletes who suck at sports, according to a batch of faux-Olympic ads from Bernstein-Rein. The spots present cheap stock footage of out-of-shape everyday athletes pole vaulting, diving and doing gymnastics—in each case, very badly—to the accompaniment of a terrifically tacky/pompous synthesizer score. They're reaching for the kind of "gold" that real folks can savor: Twinkies. These clips are sweeter and more satisfying than most of the half-baked, bombastic ads that official Olympic sponsors and others have trotted out in recent weeks. Thanks, Hostess, for reminding us that no matter how slow and fat we get, you'll always be there with golden cake and creamy filling to make us slower and fatter! Come on, Nike jogger, you know you want one! Two more spots after the jump.