Ad of the Day: Millennial Smokers Get Left Out in Truth’s New FOMO-Filled Ads

The tobacco-slagging Truth campaign is back to inspire, or maybe just torture, teenagers with more anti-smoking rhymes.

If You Love Cat Videos, You Need to Stop Smoking Now, Says Latest ‘Truth’ PSA

The venerable anti-smoking initiative Truth has tried just about everything to get people to stop smoking: edgy teens, cowboys with electronic voiceboxes, even earnest appeals to our health and vanity. Now they're pulling out the big guns.

Are Robert Redford’s Movies About the Media Good for Journalism?

Robert Redford has acted in dozens of films in his career and directed nine others, but there's one subject he doesn't seem to tire of tackling: journalism. Since Redford played Bob Woodward in All the President's Men, he has revisited the profession several times on-screen, both as an actor and a director.

Truth’s Tinder-Themed Anti-Smoking Music Video Baffles, Delights and Terrifies

Truth is out with a new anti-smoking ad, and it's a long way from stacking body bags outside the offices of tobacco companies."Left Swipe Dat," created by 72andSunny, features a parade of young pop stars and YouTube personalities singing a novelty song about rejecting people on the dating app Tinder for featuring cigarettes in their profile pictures. Singer Becky G anchors the video, with X-Factor-born girl group Fifth Harmony handling backup. Comedians King Bach and Timothy DeLeGhetto act as hype men. Harley Mortenstein of Epic Meal Time, Grace Helbig of it'sGrace, and AlphaCat each spit a guest verse. There are also cameos from Anna Akana, Jimmy Tatro and Terrence J.In other words, if you were born before 1992 and don't spend all of your time on YouTube, it's exactly the right thing to make you feel old and confused and terrified.

New Legacy Ads Trade Anger for Empowerment

Legacy—the anti-smoking group behind the "Truth" campaigns—adopts a new strategy in the first campaign from new agency 72andSunny.Big picture, the tone is less combative and more empowering. The new tagline is, "Finish It."

Anti-Tobacco Nonprofit Reviews Ad Business

Legacy, the national public health nonprofit created to advertise the dangers of tobacco use, is reviewing its advertising business.In play are both creative responsibilities and media planning and buying, which are currently handled by Arnold and PHD, respectively. Arnold and PHD have been invited to defend.

Smoking likened to being eaten by zombies

Zombies are everywhere, it seems, even in American Legacy's latest "Truth" commercials. Timed to the launch of The Real World's 24th season (Jesus!) on MTV, we get Zombieville, a Real […]

Ads liken cigarettes to glass-filled popsicles

American Legacy's "Truth" is back with new ads from Arnold that feature a laughably dangerous fictional popsicle called Shards O' Glass to represent how cigarette companies continue to sell a […]

Legacy’s mock interviews getting a little old

American Legacy's mock job interviews helped revive its "Truth" campaign. But after viewing these latest iterations, I think the approach has run its course. The drill's become too familiar, with […]

Even VH1’s Megan turns down Big Tobacco

Pointless celebrity guest appearances: Aren't they a sign that something has jumped the shark? Megan Hauserman, star of VH1's Megan Wants a Millionaire, isn't much of a celeb, so maybe […]