Study: 69% of Marketers Believe That Native Advertising Is Valuable

The 614 Group, a digital media consulting player, has produced a benchmark study that is designed to help marketers make choices about native advertising.

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Like last year and the year before that, 2014 has been dubbed the “Year of Mobile” when ad dollars would start to catch up to smartphone usage.

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Pinterest shouldn't let agencies come in and mess with its nascent ad formats.

Startup Pushes Pinterest-Like Native Ads Play

Every day, another company makes a foray into native advertising. But this latest one is less about editors and custom content.

Ad Targeters Are Laying the Groundwork for Visual Advertising

Images account for nearly 50 percent of the average Facebook News Feed’s content. Assuming Facebook is a proxy for the entire Internet, then roughly half the pixels on the Internet are black boxes to ad targeters.