Content Marketing Is Moving Toward a Zen State of Storytelling

On my way to work recently, my Lyft driver asked what I did for a living. It's a simple question but one almost anyone in content marketing becomes uncomfortable with as the answer inevitably leads to more questions. "I'm in content" is clearly a nonsensical thing to say.

Q&A: Mark Wahlberg on His Journey From Hip Hop to Hollywood to Hamburgers

Mark Wahlberg took the advertising world by storm in 1992, thanks to his provocative, indelible Calvin Klein underwear campaign, which was shot by the late Herb Ritts.

How Doug Ellin Turned Entourage Into the New Paragon of Product Placement

For filmmaker Doug Ellin, who is as passionate about cars as he is movies, it was love at first sight.

Spark’s Branded Content Guru Eric Levin on True Creative Success

Specs Who Eric Levin Current gig svp, brand content group director, Spark/LiquidThread Previous gig vp, brand content director, LiquidThread

A People’s History of Transformers Cartoons

Hasbro has a lot of enduring intellectual property (G.I. Joe, My Little Pony) but nothing holds a candle to its long-running Transformers franchise. Its origins are borderline cynical: After acquiring […]

Fans Still Cheering for World Cup Branded Videos

With the World Cup in full swing, fans can't get enough of soccer-themed content.

Michael Bay Panics at Samsung CES Show

Hollywood director Michael Bay just freaked out at a Samsung presentation in Las Vegas. The Transformers director walked off stage after a teleprompter malfunction left him for a loss for words. Samsung is known for hosting scripted events with big star personalities.

In Monopoly’s Battle of the Brands, Carnival Crushes Coke, Nestlé and More

Some of the world’s largest brands are squaring off today in a high-stakes game of ... Monopoly. Well, kinda.To promote its new, brand-centric game, Monopoly Empire, Hasbro is hosting a Facebook “Battle of the Brands” featuring several of the companies featured in the game. The goal is to see which brand can get 5,000 Likes on its #BattleoftheBrands Facebook post first. Participating are Carnival Cruise Lines, Transformers, Chevrolet, Fender Guitar, Nestlé, Beats by Dre, eBay, X Games, Nerf, Ducati, Electronic Arts, JetBlue, Coca-Cola and Yahoo.As of this writing, Carnival had already blown past the 5,000-Like mark in a mere two hours, despite having just 2.2 million fans, a mere fraction of Coca-Cola’s 73.6 million. A few brands, namely Beats by Dre, JetBlue and Chevrolet, were past 2,000 Likes, while poor eBay and EA apparently forgot to participate altogether—or at least hadn’t posted anything two hours into the competition. Perhaps even sadder, Nestlé and Yahoo did participate but hadn't broken 200 Likes yet.While it may not be a true test of brand potency, today's challenge sure is a telling reminder that there's a big difference between having a lot of fans and knowing how to put them to use. After the jump, check out a fun gallery of branded images Monopoly created to tease the contest.

Hasbro Transforms

For Hasbro, the last few years since Michael Bay’s first Transformers have been something of a slow-motion rebrand, in which the toy maker has decided to be an intellectual property company, not merely a toy company.

Like an Adult in a Toy Store: Hasbro Shows Off Its Wares to Collectors

The Hasbro Fan Media Day at New York's annual Toy Fair is more or less what it sounds like—a motley collection of bloggers, amateur photographers and fan site administrators whose interest in Hasbro extends well beyond the professional. They are, in a word, nerds, and Hasbro loves them very much.