Foursquare Unveils Its Own New Logo (Don’t Worry, It’s SFW)

Exactly one week after Airbnb's logo redesign went viral because people thought it looked like human genitalia, Foursquare is unveiling a new logo and app redesi

The Redskins Have Been Stripped of Their Trademarks [Updated]

Update: That's it for the name "Washington Redskins," at least as far as legally protected trademark status goes. The appeals board at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has stripped the NFL team of six trademarks. So if you make a living printing and selling your own Redskins hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts and giant foam fingers, today is your lucky day.

Chobani Gets Sued in a Case That Hinges on a Tweet

Chobani and its agency Droga5 are being sued by inspirational author Dov Seidman, who is claiming the yogurt infringed on his trademark while lifting core concepts from his 2011 book, "How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything."

Icann: Brands Are at Risk of Domain Abuse With New Top Level Domains

Try to follow this. Icann, the international organization that has begun to roll out hundreds of new generic top level domains over the objections of brands worried about domain abuse, is now warning brands that they are at risk of domain abuse.

The First New 7 Top-Level Domains Go Live Today

What's happening?

Here’s Why Some Internet Celebrities Grudgingly Allow Brands to Rip Them Off

What do you do when your catchphrase becomes so popular, major brands start using it on their own merchandise without permission or compensation? If you're the VlogBrothers, you reluctantly do nothing.

Brands Facing Dot-Com Domain Identity Crisis

Companies looking to protect their brand identity on the Internet from phishers and cybersquatters will soon be faced with a dot-com identity crisis.

Jam War Spreads to Federal Court

A French jelly manufacturer says that J.M. Smucker’s has put them in a jam by stealing their customers with their new line of upmarket fruit preserves, according to a recent lawsuit.

Judge Says Apple Can’t Stop Amazon From Using ‘App Store’

Although “App Store” might conjure images of Apple’s online app downloading mecca for many people, one U.S. judge says that doesn’t mean that no one else can use the name.

Huey Newton Foundation Sues CafePress

The widow of Black Panther Party-co-founder Dr. Huey P. Newton is suing a California clothing company for $2 million for unauthorized use of his likeness.