Fort Lauderdale Welcomes 2017 With Ads Featuring Transgender Models

Fort Lauderdale tourism—which has been courting lesbian and gay visitors for decades—on New Year's Eve will roll out a new campaign that could be a first in the travel category, with transgender models starring in mainstream media ads.

Don’t Know Much About Curacao? Here’s How Its Tourism Board Plans to Change That

If you're an American who knows next to nothing about the Caribbean island of Curacao (other than perhaps a vague familiarity with its namesake blue liqueur), you're not alone. There's plenty to see and do in Curacao—breathtaking rocky beach caves, beautiful white sand beaches, historical capital city Willemstad—yet it's often overshadowed in the U.S.

Should Niagara Falls Be Named the 8th Wonder of the World?

Would you be more likely to visit Niagara Falls if it were named the eighth wonder of the world? That's what McCann Canada and the Tourism Partnership of Niagara are hoping.  A new campaign cheekily argues that Niagara Falls is a much better candidate for the title of the world's eighth wonder because, among other reasons, the falls generate lots of rainbows.

Ad of the Day: Tourism Stunt Gets People to Call the Quietest Place in Switzerland

Sometimes, it takes an entire village … to answer the telephone. To wit: Tschlin, a bucolic community nestled in the majestic mountains of eastern Switzerland's Graubünden region, is famed for being so peaceful, so quiet, that when the phone rings in the village square, the whole population of 166 can hear it.

Minnesota in a Box: To Get You to Visit, the State Will Now Visit You First

Take a vacation to Minnesota? Nah, it's too cold and dreary with all that snow and dreary-ness. Brrr… To combat this common misperception, Explore Minnesota Tourism tricked out a pair of steel shipping containers for an immersive campaign that invites prospective visitors to "sample" a pair of the state's diverse attractions and share their experiences via social media.

How Travel Writing Evolved Into Travel Blogging, and What Brands Get From Both

For decades, attracting travel writers to your destination meant countless hours of PR cajoling and coordination, followed by month after month of waiting for the story to hit the pages of a glossy print journal. While that system hasn't gone extinct, it's hardly the norm for travel writing anymore.

South Bend Apologizes for Lifting Salt Lake’s Tourism Campaign Almost Wholesale

There are imitations, and then there are copies. Unfortunately, Visit South Bend's new tourism and convention advertising is the latter—a pretty blatant knockoff of a well-received 2015 campaign by Visit Salt Lake, from the overall theme down to the very typography.

Ad of the Day: A Blind American Tours Quebec in This Clever, Inspired Tourism Ad

It's a simple insight, in retrospect. Tourism is usually thought of as "seeing the sights." But what if visiting a particular region offers such a rich experience, for all your senses, that seeing it with your eyes is a relatively small part of the picture? 

Milton Glaser Is Famous for the ‘I Love New York’ Logo. How Did He Do With Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has unveiled a new logo from Milton Glaser, the designer behind New York's iconic "I Love New York" identity, as part of the state's new tourism campaign from Havas. 

W+K Gives Oregon the Humblest Tourism Slogan Yet: ‘We Like It Here. You Might Too’

Yesterday we looked at some grand tourism ads for Wyoming. Today, let's take a peek at a tourism campaign that's more humble, at least on the surface—Wieden + Kennedy Portland's new ads for its home state of Oregon.