Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder Celebrates the Awesome Fearlessness of Childhood in First Global Campaign

When you're a kid, you do dumb stuff like lick a battery for the hell of it. You test limits, because if you didn't you'd never learn.

Young CEOs Open Up About Their Failures

In four years, Hiscox U.S.A.'s budget for branded content has jumped from nothing to 15 percent of its overall marketing spend, according to head marketer Russ Findlay.

What Is ‘Mudvertising’ and Why Are Marketers Diving In?

Most marketers wouldn’t want to have their names dragged through the mud.But not some brands.

Women Get Down and Dirty in the Latest Fitness Fad

Last year, some 100,000 women showed up at events with names like Utopian Tubes and PMS (that’s Pretty Muddy Stuff) where they scrambled up rope ladders, sloshed through mud pits and managed various other obstacles.