Questionable Traffic Seems to Follow This Video Company Everywhere

In mid-2012, the online content/distribution firm Touchstorm was pushing further into original Web video, particularly for its lifestyle site Howdini. Like many in the industry, Howdini was attracting solid CPMs but struggled to get enough views.

Why Brands Suck at YouTube

Brands as publishers? Yeah right. Unless your business card says “chief Red Bull video guy” your brand is blowing it on YouTube.At least, that’s the assesment of Touchstorm, a company that claims to be able to get brands' videos distributed—and even better, watched—all over the Web.What makes Touchstorm so qualified to say that so many brands are blowing it on Google's mega-video platform? Well, according to an analysis the company has just released, The Touchstorm Video Index: Top Brands Edition, among the top 5,000 channels on YouTube, only 74 belong to brands.