TouchCast Moves to Desktop

Startup TouchCast’s ambitious play to completely rethink the Web has taken another step. The company launched back in June on the iPad aiming to spark a creative and design revolution for the Internet. Now, the company is moving to PCs.

TouchCast Launches Contest For Original Web Video Series

The startup TouchCast, which has plans to reinvent Web video, is putting out a casting call—a "TouchCasting Call," to be exact.

TouchCast Looks to Reinvent the Web Around Video

The team behind the startup TouchCast only wants to completely reinvent the look and feel of the Internet. Specifically, they want to make video integral to the Web experience, rather than something is relegated to video sites or or cordoned off in siloed channels. TouchCast is the brainchild of former TechCrunch edit in chief Erick Schonfeld, as well as entrepreneur Edo Segal (CEO) and Charley Miller. And while the team’s goals are lofty, initially, TouchCast starts with an app.