Disembodied Mouth Gets Good Beer After Having to Do ‘Bad Things’ in Weird Australian Ad

And the award for best disembodied mouth in a commercial goes to … Australian beer Tooheys Extra Dry for this memorably unnerving 45-second spot from BMF Sydney and director Hamish Rothwell.

Deer Get Loaded, Party All Night in Australian Beer Ad

Tooheys Extra Dry's "Nocturnal Migration" spot (from ad agency BMF in Sydney, Australia) is confusing, because these deer aren't really migrating. What they're doing is more like tourism, since they're not leaving their country of origin or responding to environmental changes.

Tooheys comes from tongue-filled ice moon

Here’s a peculiar Tooheys Extra Dry beer commercial from Australia in which stashes of the brew, found on ice at parties, are actually portals to another world—an icy, moon-like planet […]

Tooheys fans not above helping you urinate

The price of helping a mate fix a leak at his house? One case of Tooheys beer. The price of helping him take a leak? Ten cases. That math is […]

Tooheys cider thankful for Eve’s original sin

This spot by BMF Sydney for Tooheys Extra Dry 5 Seeds is probably the wildest hard-cider ad you'll see this year. The category tends to prefer William Wallace epics over […]