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Here Are This Year’s Digital Hot List Winners

The NFL Catches Much Social Media Heat for Ray Rice Video

By posting a video of Ray Rice violently punching Janay Rice, his fiancee then (nee Palmer) and now his wife, TMZ accomplished something months of outrag

National Geographic Ranked No. 1 in Social Media Among Publishers

National Geographic is the king of the social media jungle, according to a top 10 list released by Shareablee.

NBA Bans Donald Sterling for Life

In taking swift and decisive action against racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, NBA commissioner Adam Silver on Tuesday effectively dismantled a nuclear-grade suitcase bomb.

Silicon Beach: Southern California’s New Ad Agency Hot Spot

Chris Raih wanted to settle somewhere funky and hip with ready access to creative talent when he was scouting a Southern California location in 2006 for his about-to-launch ad agency Zambezi. A view of the Pacific Ocean and the possibility of surfing at lunchtime wouldn’t suck either.

Warner Bros. Consolidates Digital Sales

Warner Bros. is consolidating its digital sales operations as it looks to build out an entertainment-focused ad powerhouse on the Web.

BuzzFeed Report to Publishing Partners Demonstrates Power of Social Web

Lost in all the hype about GIFs and high-profile hirings is BuzzFeed's original identity as an online publishing experiment. At its core, BuzzFeed is all about the data, which the site is constantly collecting through a publishing partner network (including more than 200 publishers like The Huffington Post, TMZ, and The Daily Beast, with 300 monthly users).

Twitter Goes Way Beyond 140 Characters

Twitter is the new RSS feed (only normal people actually use it).