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After Working With the Same Agency Since 1981, American Airlines Launches Global Review

American Airlines' global creative and media accounts are up for review as the marketer prepares to retire the US Airways brand after acquiring the rival carrier.

Golfsmith International Shifts Creative Account

Retailer Golfsmith International has shifted its creative business to Doner after a review. Annual media spending on the assignment, which encompasses the Golfsmith brand in the U.S. and Golf Town in Canada, is estimated at more than $35 million.

Keep Your Kitten or Puppy From Becoming the Town Whore

With their fluffiness, big trusting eyes and adorable attempts to learn how to operate their oversized paws, kittens and puppies are the essence of the word squee. But take that fluffy kitty or puppy and multiply it by six. Now, you need to provide a load of living creatures with veterinary care, food and water, love and attention, space—and let's not even talk about the number of litter boxes or walks in the park necessary to corral the byproducts of six adorable poop machines. The solution, for many, is a pit stop at the local overcrowded animal shelter—or worse, alongside a highway.      Most people do spay or neuter their pets. Utah-based Best Friends Animal Society says more than 80 percent of pet owners jump on the snipping bandwagon. But Best Friends says there's still a lot of confusion about when animals should be sterilized (at 4 months old). So, with the help of TM Advertising and MRM in Salt Lake City, it launched the Fix at Four campaign. The creative features furry friends as they face the daunting task of parenting much too soon. The campaign, created with a bare-bones budget, spans video, TV spots, online ads, merch, posters and screensavers, all housed within a website centerpiece that utilizes a cutting-edge continuous scrolling navigation technology called Parallax.

Obsessed With Advertising? This Is the Awards Show for You

Obsessions. We all have them. I'd like to think I'm obsessed with creating great content, but my AdFreak posts prove otherwise. Cue these Addy Awards promos for AAF Dallas by TM Advertising—a series of silly, inspired meditations on the obsessive nature of the agency biz. Highlights include "The Tantrum," with a youthful creative (in jeans and T-shirt, of course) having a full-throated, carpet-kicking freakout over a client's proposed changes to his campaign; and "Baby Casting," an adoption-bureau scenario where an agency staffer invokes industry standards to choose a son or daughter ("This one has broad market appeal, but that outie belly button is just gross"). With more than 130,000 overall YouTube views so far ("Tantrum" has 80,000), the work is eclipsing its original mandate (the show was held on Feb. 9) and gaining broader appeal. Garnering the most attention from ad blogs is "The Mural." The edgiest of the lot, it shows adman daddy savaging his infant son's magic-marker-on-a-wall artistry: "Your kerning is way off—it's too loose, buddy. You ever heard of f*cking ligature? … You keep this up, you're gonna be a copywriter." Hey, it beats account planning any day! More spots after the jump.

American Airlines ad quietly salutes military

There's some pretty superb and subtle acting going on in this American Airlines spot, "Putting Them First," which highlights the carrier's pre-boarding for active military personnel. The ad, by TM […]

American Airlines has always dug squirrels!

Squirrels are hot again, thanks to the now-famous photo above, taken with an automatic timer, of Melissa Brandts and her husband—and a sudden rodent interloper—posing by a lake in Canada's […]

Yellow Pages full of honorable superheroes

TM Advertising's latest spots for Idearc's Superpages and Verizon Yellow Pages, which characterize the small-businesses owners found in those publications as caped crusaders, raise many questions. 1) Why would I […]