Tinder Is Reminding CES Attendees That Real-Life Love Beats Virtual Reality

While Consumer Electronics Show attendees scope out the hottest virtual reality at the Las Vegas Convention Center this week, Tinder is promoting another kind of VR—very real.

Ad of the Day: Tinder Is Now on Apple TV, and Your Living Room Will Never Be the Same

Running out of shows to binge-watch with your fam? Here's entertainment that literally never ends.

Tinder Just Launched a Branded Podcast About Dating With Gimlet Creative

How often has someone just sent you a message that said "hey"? Maybe you weren't even lucky enough to get punctuation or capitalization with it. Maybe you were the one who sent such a bare-bones message. 

Spotify and Tinder Want to Help Connect Users Through Their Musical Tastes

For single music lovers everywhere, there's now even less of a need to talk to a girl (or a guy) wearing headphones.

Why Brands Are Building Their Own ‘Museums’ Where Immersion Is the Price of Entry

Cheesebraham Lincoln. Locheese Monster. Statue of Libercheese.

Sephora Is Driving Mobile Sales With Tinder-Like Features and Digital Mad Libs

Sephora has led the pack in mobile beauty retailers for a few years, and now it's taking a page from games and pop culture to help re-launch the Sephora Collection—its private label brand.

Threesome Dating App 3nder Responds to Tinder’s Lawsuit With a Smelly Campaign

Tinder is suing threesome dating app 3nder over the potential for marketplace confusion around their names.

This Mobile Agency Found Its Newest Intern on Tinder

If you want to hire interns to work at a mobile agency, you need to find them in apps where they spend a lot of time—like Tinder.Earlier this year, Dentsu-owned Fetch's New York office set up a Tinder profile to find potential interns within the app's roughly 50 million users who skew between the ages of 18 to 34.

Infographic: Dating Apps Are Sparking Millions of Social Media Conversations

Dating apps chatter reached a fever pitch in 2015. KBS Attention reviewed more than 2.5 million Twitter conversations that included Grindr, Tinder, Happn, OkCupid and Match to gain insights about the trends. What Attention found: there are a bounty of marketing possibilities.

Two of the Most-Used Apps at CES This Year? Tinder and Grindr

While the Consumer Electronics Show is all about the latest in tech innovation, even geeks are on the lookout for love connections. Especially geeks, perhaps.