Why Time Chose Angela Merkel as Person of the Year Instead of Donald Trump

Among a field that included Donald Trump and the leader of ISIS, Time surprised many this morning when it named German Chancellor Angela Merkel as its Person of the Year.

Time Turned the Year’s Hottest Tech Into the Year’s Dumbest Cover, and Parody Is Rampant

OculusVR founder Palmer Luckey is one of the tech industry's brightest rising stars—a fact Time tried but ridiculously failed to capture on its newest cover.As you can see above, Luckey is shown in mid ... uh, jump? Stumble? Rapturous epiphany? The only things viewers can tell for sure is that he's been Photoshopped in front of a beach and that he looks ridiculous. (UPDATE: Time emailed us, not to defend the cover, but merely to point out that he was photographed in front of a backdrop at Facebook's headquarters and wasn't Photoshopped.)And it's not just the image drawing heckles from tech enthusiasts. The story's intro is cringe-inducingly awful at a time when most people have stopped seeing nerds as socially worthless outcasts:

Time Editor Nancy Gibbs’ Office Reflects a Road Well Traveled

After starting as a fact checker at Time in 1985, working her way through the ranks to become one of America's top magazine writers with over 100 cover stories and […]

National Geographic Ranked No. 1 in Social Media Among Publishers

National Geographic is the king of the social media jungle, according to a top 10 list released by Shareablee.

Food & Wine, Fortune Name the Most Innovative Women in Food

The topic of women in the epicurean world (or the seeming lack of) has long been a hot potato, but last year when Time published a cover story, “The Gods of Food,” about the world’s top chefs—all men—the debate exploded.

101 Kick-Ass Music Covers

Magazine covers featuring musical artists are inherently cool, whether the reader is a tween or a boomer. They come loaded with style, after all.

4 Specialty Shops Trying to Make a Native Ad Land Grab

With marketers increasingly wanting to become content creators, a number of specialty shops are trying to get in on the business that publishers and brands also are laying claim to. Here’s a look at four of them.

Eric Danetz Named Publisher of Fortune

Fortune is getting a publisher after all: Eric Danetz. The business title hasn’t had someone in that role since 2012.

Time Relaunches Web Redesign

Time rolled out its long awaited Web redesign Wednesday night, and lest anyone miss it, it's debuting in tandem with an elaborate multimedia project on the new One World Trade Center.

Time.com Makes More Hires Ahead of Relaunch

Time.com has made another round of hires and pushed back the target date of its long-anticipated relaunch.The hires—announced by Nancy Gibbs and Edward Felsenthal, managing editors, respectively, of Time and Time.com—are:—Nikhil Kumar, who was named senior editor, Time International, and joins Time from The Independent;