TD Bank Gets Absurdly Cinematic to Show Off Its Drama-Free Banking

You expect big-budget, slam-bang drama from Hollywood action movies. But doing simple banking chores like depositing checks shouldn't make you feel like you're trapped in an out-of-control Michael Bay production.Ad agency Tierney develops that fun storyline in a trio of spots, using familiar cinematic tropes to illustrate how TD Bank provides a better experience for its customers.

Campaign to Plant More Trees in NYC Begins by Tagging Everything That Isn’t One

OK, it's time to play "Tree, Not a Tree."New York City has so few trees that people there might have forgotten what a tree is, exactly. At least, that's the tongue-in-cheek idea behind the New York Restoration Project's new campaign from ad agency Tierney.The effort involves tagging objects around the city (especially in low-tree/high-traffic neighborhoods) with labels that read, "Not a Tree." Accompanying text says, "There aren't enough trees in the city. Let's change that," along with the NotATree.org URL."Yes, a Tree" tags will go on saplings planted as part of NYRP's MillionTreesNYC project. Text on those reads, "Thank you. This is exactly what our city needs."The campaign also includes more traditional media, including TV, radio ("That little red thing on the sidewalk that dogs like to tinkle on? Not a tree"), print, billboards and online quiz banners. It runs May through June, which is prime planting season.The New York Restoration Project, founded by Bette Midler, is recruiting New Yorkers as volunteers for MillionTreesNYC, which hopes to plant 1 million new trees by 2017.More images and credits below.

Paintball Gets Kid Friendly With the JT SplatMaster

Behold this new kid's product—with national TV ads breaking this holiday—and try hard not to conjure the familiar refrain, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!" It's called the JT SplatMaster, if that gives you any inkling of its intent. It's an at-home paintball gun made for boys 9 and up.

Appliance monsters really drain your energy

These PECO spots by Philadelphia ad shop Tierney have a classic Saturday-morning kids'-show feel. The wide-eyed, toothy, energy-guzzling appliances that have overstayed their welcome almost channel the puppet/druggie vibe of […]

Mr. Lincoln still gets no commercial respect

Having appeared with an amphibious rodent on behalf of a sleep medication (Rozerem), as an unsuccessful stovepipe-hat-toting job applicant (College Level Exam Program, circa early '70s) and in innumerable tawdry […]

TD Bank can’t get enough of psychoanalysis

As if Regis and Kelly weren't obnoxiously animated enough in the flesh, Tierney Communications and TD Bank have put photo-cutout versions of the pair to work in an online campaign, […]

TD Bank knows how you love the free crap

Banks give away free stuff like lollipops, pens and tote bags all the time. But TD Bank (newly merged from TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank), primed to please in a […]