Our First Arc Awards Winners Represent the Best in Branded Storytelling

Great storytelling is no longer the sole reserve of David Lean or Shonda Rhimes. Yes, advertisers, whose more traditional forms of marketing interrupt our favorite content, have expanded their horizons […]

Discovery Targets Millennials With $100 Million Investment in Digital Media

Discovery is perhaps a brand most known for its television network and productions such as Shark Week or MythBusters. It announced today a unifying partnership of digital media sites with Group Nine Media.

See the Cider Ad That’s Been Watched 27 Million Times on Facebook in 20 Hours

UPDATE: A day later, the spot has more than 50 million views and counting.Here's the runaway viral commercial of the week on Facebook—an Uncle Drew-style spot created by Thrillist for Smith & Forge hard cider.

Thrillist Media Group Is the Latest Media Company to Launch an In-House Agency

Want to get through to the hard-to-reach millennial male? Thrillist Media Group thinks it knows the formula.

Red Bull Tries to Energize Millennials With Zero Calories and New Flavors

Red Bull and its longtime agency, Kastner and Partners, today are unveiling the energy drink brand's biggest U.S. product launch with an out-of-home and digital-video campaign.

4 Lessons From Thrillist Media Group’s Success in Both Content and Commerce

When it comes to men's lifestyle content online, Thrillist Media Group believes it has the market covered.

Woman Responds to Thrillist’s Job Rejection Letter by Publicly Correcting Its Grammar

Here's one way to deal with the disappointment of a job rejection letter: Ridicule the letter writer's poor grammar and post it to Twitter.That's how music journalist Amanda Mester dealt with just such a letter from Thrillist. You can see the company's letter, and Mester's response, above. It's funny. And it's sort of mean and snooty. And it's either awesome or unprofessional, depending on your point of view.Not surprisingly, it's gotten a polarized reaction.

Here Are This Year’s Digital Hot List Winners

Science and Tech Publisher Purch Bolsters E-Commerce

From Star Trek bathrobes to home planetarium gear, online publisher Purch has expanded the e-commerce offerings on two of​ ​its most popular websites— and Live Science—with more stores in the works for most of its sites.

General Electric Creates Apollo-Inspired Sneakers

Would you wear moon boots?