Report: Superman Is the Most Toxic Superhero Online

If you're seeking out Superman online, be on alert.

Loki’s Not Feeling the Love From Those AT&T Kids

Spoofing AT&T's popular "It's Not Complicated" spots, Tom Hiddleston stars as his film character Loki, the villainous adoptive sibling of Thor, in this fun Comedy Central clip touting today's release of Thor: The Dark World.

Amazon/Epix Multi-Year Deal Saps Netflix Stock; New Tablet on the Way

E-tailer Amazon has inked a new multi-year pact with Viacom's fledgling pay-cable network Epix to distribute the cabler's library on Amazon's Prime Instant Video service.

The Real Hollywood Genius

The genius of modern Hollywood lies not just in its ability to make movies, but to create weekly audiences for them. Back in the pre-TV days, when two-thirds of Americans were weekly moviegoers, that was unnecessary. Even as late as 1948, some 90 million Americans went to their local movie theaters every week without any national advertising to prod them.

The Art of the Trailer (Video)

We live in a wondrous time of innovation in the third great American art form: the movie trailer. (It follows jazz and the newspaper comic strip, naturally.) And this spring, a few unusual and perfect trailers have been circulating.

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