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The Man Behind the Marketing of the Wildest Film of the Year [Video]

Today we ask Josh Greenstein about marketing The Wolf of Wall Street and find out how much money Hollywood studios really spend. Plus, we look at how real-time data is changing online advertising yet again. The links: 

Wins, Fails, WTFs: Big Wins at the Super Bowl

Jim Cooper, Tim Nudd, Mike Shields, Michael Bürgi, Emma Bazilian and Garett Sloane look at the week's highlights.

Adweek Wins, Fails and WTFs

Last week's media news dissected by the staff

Twitter Is the Second Screen

Plus the rest of the week's news from JIm Cooper and the team.

Happy New Year and Hello CES

A preview of our Consumer Electronics Show coverage

How To Buy Marijuana Online

This week's news and previews from the Ad Cave

Crazy Gifts Guide and Exclusive: Apple’s New Sales Ordnance

The week's media stories from Jim Cooper and the team in The Adweek

The Adweek Agencies of the Year Issue [Video]

What are the criteria to be Adweek's Agency of the Year? Plus: Minority Report-style advertising is genuinely on its way says one ad guy, and a chat with Parks and Recreation twitterer extraordinaire, Retta.

The Adweek Agencies of the Year Issue

Jim Cooper and the team review the week and preview the issue

The Hot List Is Coming [Video]

This week's big media stories so far and a peek at next week's issue from Jim Cooper and the team.