This Motorcycle Helmet Detects Crashes and Instantly Reports the Rider’s Location

In Thailand, 80 percent of people killed in road accidents are riding motorcycles. Now, one agency hopes its new invention could literally mean the difference between life and death. The "Helpmet" was designed by BBDO Bangkok for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (the same partnership that recently came up with the fat-reducing AbsorbPlate) to help address Thailand's staggeringly high rate of motorcycle fatalities—the second highest in the world. 

This Ingenious Dinner Plate, Invented by an Ad Agency, Can Lighten a Meal by 30 Calories

Some of the best food on Earth is pretty greasy, so one agency in Thailand has come up with a simple way to lighten things up.BBDO Bangkok partnered with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to address Thailand's obesity problem, largely linked to the amount of oil used in the country's popular cuisine. Instead of trying to change how the food is cooked, the client and agency chose instead to focus on how the food is served.They created the AbsorbPlate, which features 500 perforations that catch and hold some of the grease from your meal. They claim it will capture 7 mL of oil, which is about one and a half teaspoons. That's not much, but it does shave about 30 calories off the total.Check out the video case study and credits below:

PETA Opened a High-End Leather Store, but Inside the Goods Was Something Horrible

Today in Horrible Things that Defy Imagining, Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok teamed up with PETA to give leather shoppers the fright of their lives. 

BBDO Cleverly Engineers a Mosquito-Repellent Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

Think of it as a citronella candle on wheels.Mosquito-borne illnesses are a growing issue in Thailand's slums, with the incidence of dengue fever tripling in 2015. To battle the glut of diseased pests, a Thai charity, the Duang Prateep Foundation, and its agency, BBDO Bangkok, repurposed another abundant local feature—motorcycle exhaust fumes.

Thai Brand Apologizes for Blackface Ad That Said ‘You Just Need to Be White to Win’

A Thai company has apologized for producing an ad for a skin-whitening product that featured a woman in blackface and suggested people with dark skin are losers.

This Sexy Bra Ad Got 16 Million Views, but Not for the Reasons You’d Expect (SFW)

The element of surprise is always useful in advertising storytelling, and this Thai commercial for Wacoal Mood bras certainly brings the unexpected—which has helped the spot tally almost 16 million views on YouTube.

Leo Burnett Invents Temporary Tattoos that Scan Like QR Codes

At international tourism expos, competition to attract attention from foreign tourists is high—and most vendors still rely on flyers to get the message across.So, the Tourism Authority of Thailand came up with a different way to ensure people walked away remembering them: The Tattoo Flyer, a series of temporary tattoos in a variety of styles that can be scanned like a QR code.

Thailand Does It Again With This Brutal and Beautiful Ad About Kindness

Thai mobile company TrueMove, which you'll remember from the world-famous "Giving" spot in 2013, is back with another gem—a stirring, cinematic spot in which the daughter of a charity worker visits a Thai woman who helped her father when he was a prisoner of war in World War II.

This Ink Made From Smokers’ Lungs Increased Interest in Quitting by 500%

Here's one way to get a message to smokers: write it in ink made from their own diseased lungs.BBDO Proximity Thailand has produced a fascinating case study on its recent anti-smoking effort for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation.

The Boy Garbage Collector in This Thai Ad Will Sweep Up the Pieces of Your Shattered Heart

If you've arrived at this ad without having seen Ogilvy's previous work for Thai Life Insurance, take a minute or two to get familiar—here and here. Oh, and grab some tissues first, you old softie.OK, now that we're up to speed, here's the latest spot from the wizards of weeping, the sultans of sobbing, the ballers of bawling.