Ad of the Day: A Reality Show’s Stars Learn a Devastating Lesson About Distracted Driving

The teenage stars of YouTube reality series @SummerBreak take an emotional ride in this road-safety PSA with a reveal so powerful, it reduces some of them to tears.

Sprint Turned a Wrecked Car Into a Mangled Emoji for This ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ Sculpture

April was Distracted Driving Awareness month, and Sprint saved one of the most eye-catching PSA for last—unveiling the sculpture above in downtown Miami last Friday.Titled "The Last Emoji," it was made by ad agency Alma from a junkyard wreck and warns Miami drivers of the dangers of texting and driving.According to Alma, Florida is one of the only states that doesn't list texting while driving as a primary offense, so Magnacom Worldwide secured a prime location at 1200 Brickell Avenue in downtown Miami to reach commuters.

People Freaked Out When AMC Theaters Floated a Pro-Texting Policy for Movies, So It Reversed Course

AMC Theaters floated the idea of changing its policy to allow texting during movies this week, and it lasted about as long as a Snapchat message. 

This Drunk-Driving Cabbie Angers His Passengers in a PSA With a Powerful Twist Ending

Would you tolerate your cab driver drinking and driving?The passengers in MullenLowe's new hidden-camera PSA for the Safe Roads Alliance certainly don't. From the moment they see their cabbie taking swigs from cans and bottles (he isn't actually drinking alcohol, of course), they ream him out—and force him to pull over.But only toward the end of the PSA does the real point become clear.

Here’s How Yahoo’s New Messaging App Silently Combines Texting and Video

Yahoo just released a messaging app, Livetext, which lets people chat on their phones while viewing each other on video. Here's the kicker: The video app doesn't offer sound.

Kia Wrecks the Alphabet in This Gripping, Surprisingly Visceral Anti-Texting PSA

Don't be a crash text dummy.Kia Motors takes an unexpected turn in the war on texting and driving with a new ad that dramatically destroys letters of the alphabet, all to show that the moment you begin typing, you can no longer fully concentrate on the road.In the dazzling minute-long spot, "Crash Text," an "A" explodes in plumes of smoke and fire, an "N" slowly crumples as it burns, an "E" cracks and shatters like a windshield during a highway crash, and an "X" drips blood. Each takes place in mesmerizing slow motion, with extreme attention to detail. It's like a Sesame Street alphabet video run horribly amok, and defiling such familiar symbols with surprising brutality strikes a primal chord. (Liberty Mutual tried something similar a while back, substituting oversize, crumbling abbreviations like OMG, TXT and LOL for smashed cars, but Kia's approach is more visceral.)

Mobile NFL Fans Share via Facebook Far More Than Twitter

According to research being unveiled by RadiumOne today, 91 percent of the self-identified 1,501 NFL fans it surveyed online said they check their smartphone on game days (Sunday, Monday or Thursday).

Join a Conversation Headed for Catastrophe in Honda’s Anti-Texting Ad

On the heels of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's sobering scenario announcing National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Honda and agency RPA bring us the latest campaign in the effort to curb texting and driving. This spot (and accompanying print ad, below) pull the viewer into a text conversation happening on a mobile device, presumably on a road somewhere in America. The dialogue is an authentic glimpse into the life of a young adult, replete with the usual shorthand and emojis common in casual banter. Without spoiling exactly what happens next, the ad succeeds in creating a unique message that is graphically smart, simple and powerful. 

I Think We’re Parked in Alaska

With Black Friday nigh upon us, mall-based retailers everywhere—not least of them the 520 or so stores inside Bloomington, Minnesota’s Mall of America—have visions of packed parking lots dancing in their heads. But the mother of all shopping centers has a problem that many retail settings do not: 12,550 parking spaces.

Text Message Marketing Is Still a Thing

If you compare mobile marketing with TV networks, text message campaigns would be PBS. They’re not sexy, and they’re not enormously popular, but they’re still kicking around, somewhat.