Google OKs Images on Sponsored Search Results

Google will allow advertisers to include images alongside sponsored search results, the company announced in a blog post on Wednesday.

Your Kids Have the Same Media Habits as You Do

When it comes to technology, you don't stand a chance against your kids. Born into a digital world, tweens—those age 7-13—have unprecedented access to devices and gadgets.

Data Points: Social Butterflies

As much as we're attached to our screens, we still prefer looking people in the eye when we communicate. According to a survey by Ipsos MediaCT's Motion Picture Group of frequent social media users, 53 percent of people prefer to talk face-to-face when communicating with family. When you include calling and texting, the figure rises to 88 percent.

Forrester Throttles Down Online Outlook

Forrester Research Tuesday (Oct. 9) forecasted a 17 percent compound annual growth for online advertising spend during the next five years, down from the 20 percent yearly increases it had earlier predicted.

Launch Mode: CloudTalk Finds Its Voice

Most tech entrepreneurs are motivated by fame, power, and (not least) dreams of enormous wealth. With CloudTalk, serial entrepreneur David Hayden has a much grander ambition—to save humanity.