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The Writers of Idiocracy Aren’t Doing Those Anti-Trump Ads Anymore

UPDATE: Terry Crews says he will not be reprising his President Camacho role from the 2006 cult favorite Idiocracy in a series of anti-Donald Trump ads after all. "It was killed," Crews told Business Insider on Wednesday. "[Idiocracy co-screenwriter] Etan Cohen went out and said we were making anti-Trump ads, but we weren't. I'm not anti-Trump, I'm not anti-Hillary [Clinton]. I'm not pro anybody." ORIGINAL STORY: Ted Cruz failed to take down Donald Trump in the Republican primaries, but maybe Terry Cruz Crews can get the job done. With elements of the current election cycle often compared to the zany, low-I.Q. future America depicted in the 2006 satire Idiocracy, it's perhaps no surprise that Crews may soon reprise his character from that film—pumped-up, machine gun-toting, R&B belting President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. 

Old Spice’s Pitchman Battle Heats Up as Terry Mocks Isaiah’s Signature Line

Not many brands could pull off a campaign that escalates the weirdness in each new spot. But anything can happen in an Old Spice campaign, and transforming Terry Crews into an angry woodpecker is just one of the loony things in the brand's latest effort. 

By the Numbers: How Do Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa Really Stack Up?

For years, Old Spice has used quirky spokespeople—robots, moms,

Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa Are Now Battling for the Hearts of Old Spice Fans

For the first time, Old Spice's two resident ad stars, Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa, a

Want to Sell Men’s Grooming Products? Hire an Athlete, Not a Hollywood Star

When it comes to endorsing beauty brands, actresses are a popular choice.

Deposit Bits of Nature Into Old Spice’s Weird Vending Machine, Get Even Stranger Stuff Back

To promote a new collection of scents—Timber, Amber and Citron—Old Spice has placed a rather generous and oddly specific machine in Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall.

Terry Crews Screams Again for Old Spice, Particularly When He Sees Mrs. Terry Crews

Ready for more screaming, twitchy muscles, explosions and horrifying hallucinations? Good, because Terry Crews just made another Old Spice commercial. The ad, by Wieden + Kennedy and directors Fatal Farm, continues the brand's "Get Shaved in the Face" campaign for its electric shavers, which Crews helped to introduce early last year in a murderous spot with Little Terry Crews. This time around, we catch Terry right in the middle of a nightmare—and when he wakes up, it only gets worse.

Terry Crews Can Shave Anything With His Old Spice Razor, Including Tiny Terry Crews

It's been almost a year since we've seen Terry Crews psychotically scream his way through an Old Spice sales pitch. So, to make up for lost time, we get twice the Terry in one spot.  "Get Shaved in the Face" is the newest oddity from Wieden + Kennedy, which first tapped Crews in 2010 for a series of over-the-top spots directed by comedy duo Tim & Eric. In this installment, Crews faces the existential dilemma of whether to shave off a facial hair that appears to be his micro-clone. While Isaiah Mustafa is still the most iconic Old Spice guy, Crews seems to be the brand's personality of choice over the long term. He's gone from advertising Odor Blocker Body Wash to shaving cream—and here he's fronting Old Spice's newest foray into grooming hardware. Thanks to a partnership with Braun, you can now buy an Old Spice Hair Clipper ($49.99), Beard & Head Trimmer ($49.99), Wet & Dry Shave & Trim ($59.99), Shaver ($69.99) and Wet & Dry Shaver ($79.99). They're apparently the perfect devices for committing anthropomorphic follicide—you know, in case that's an issue for you.

The Muppets Mentor Terry Crews in Toyota’s Super Bowl Ad

After watching Terry Crews scream his way through many an Old Spice ad, it's hard to imagine him as boring. But that's the premise of Toyota's upcoming Super Bowl ad for the Highlander, in which Crews receives life lessons from none other than the Muppets.

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