Tempur-Pedic Knows Exactly What Every Sleep-Deprived Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

Hallmark's "Put Your Heart to Paper" campaign featured interviews with people who didn't know their moms were watching. Now, Tempur-Pedic has hit it big with the opposite—interviews with moms who didn't know their kids were watching, and didn't know they were about to get a very nice surprise.

Tempur Sealy Picks Media Shop Amid Flurry of Mattress Reviews

The mattress business has seen a big bounce in reviews this year.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Tempur-Pedic Turns Crazy, Vicious Animal Back Into Your Mom Again

IDEA: Mattress ads usually promise you the best eight hours of sleep you've ever had. Tempur-Pedic's new campaign looks at the other 16 hours. "You've got sheep trying to put you to sleep. You've got people floating on mattresses in white pajamas," Carmichael Lynch chief creative officer Dave Damman said of the competition.

Carmichael Lynch Gets Tempur-Pedic Media

Tempur-Pedic expanded its relationship with Carmichael Lynch, giving the Minneapolis agency responsibility for media planning, buying and analytics.

Huge Wins Tempur-Pedic Digital

Tempur-Pedic hired Interpublic’s Huge L.A. as its new digital agency, following a six-month review. Razorfish, the Publicis Groupe incumbent, did not participate.

Carmichael Lynch Wins Tempur-Pedic

Facing increased competition and shareholder pressure to reduce advertising costs, specialty mattress maker Tempur-Pedic has moved to Minneapolis’ Carmichael Lynch as its lead creative agency.