Cats Totally Destroy a Holiday Wonderland in This Raucous Ad for Temptations Treats

Cats on Christmas Day, capering beneath an impeccably trimmed tree among the presents, sparkly lights and festive food. Sounds cute and cuddly, right?Nah, the aww's turn to argh's as those Santa claws and paws make with the slashing, smashing and thrashing. There's bashing and gnashing, too. Plus, plenty of crashing. And soon, the feline horde lays waste to the holiday in a holocaust of epic proportions.Gifts are gnawed and pulled apart. Wrapping paper litters the carpet in sorry shreds. The tree topples, its broken branches trampled beneath little cat feet. It can happen, people! (Especially if you're breeding an army of cats for some reason.)Now, wouldn't it be great if something could keep those beasts in line and curb their destructive tendencies? 

Ad of the Day: Temptations Rewrites ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ as an Ode to Your Cat

Temptations Made a Collar That Finally Gives Your Cat a Human Voice, So It Can Talk to You

Since the dawn of time, humans have been confounded by cats, those mystifyingly aloof creatures whose inner thoughts are famously inscrutable. But no longer! Temptations Cat Treats has invented a cat collar that lets your feline speak in a human voice—so you can finally understand (though probably not) exactly what she is trying to tell you.The Temptations Catterbox, created by London ad agency adam&eveDDB, contains a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth technology and wifi. It captures the cat's meows and translates them into human speech—words that may or may not actually be what they're trying to say. The Catterbox is the work of the new Temptations Lab, a scientific-sounding "research workstream dedicated to the future of fun times with your cat," according to the Mars brand. It is 3-D printed, coated in rubber lacquer for the cat's comfort and comes in four colors.

Say Sorry for Dressing Up Your Cat at the Holidays, With Temptations Cat Treats

There aren't too many ways to mitigate the confusion, embarrassment and despair your cat may feel upon being dressed up in festive costumes, photographed and paraded about on human social networks this holiday. But cat treats should do the trick.

Ads Show How Cats Just Absolutely Destroy Bags of Temptations Treats in a Ravenous Fury

It's rare for a brand to base an ad campaign around photographs of the product after it's been completely torn up and clawed and chewed to pieces and is looking like hell.Temptations cat treats is doing it anyway. The brand recently noticed that cat owners seem to enjoy posting photos and videos of destroyed packs of cat treats to social media. So, with help from adam&eveDDB in London, it decided to subject some packs to a bit of professional destruction.

This Is How You Make an Ad for Cat Treats Look Like a Nike Commercial

Want to buy Temptations' newest cat treats and throw them at your cat?Better stretch out first, man.The Mars Petcare brand just rolled out new Temptations Tumblers—treats that are apparently more perfectly spherical that regular old Temptations treats. ("Now you can roll, toss or bounce delicious treats for your cats," the brand says.)

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Work It, Kitty! Cats Get Toned With Aerobics Routine From Temptations Treats

Cats doing aerobics? DDB Chicago's amusing new video for Temptations cat treats is likely to blow up the Internet. No wonder Temptations-eating felines have the leg muscles to be able to cling so ardently to their owners. Check out the Work It Kitty website, where you can download the song ("I Don't Wanna Dance," recorded by Alex Gaudino, featuring Taboo) and learn more about the cats in the video. Ask your veterinarian if you're healthy enough for the Work It Kitty workout. Not recommended if you're on drugs, like those fools in JWT's Litter Genie spots. Credits below.

Keep Your Legs Warm With Temptations Cat Treats

Cats go mad for Temptations cat treats—perhaps a bit too mad, judging by this new commercial for the Whiskas brand from DDB Chicago and directors the Perlorian Brothers. Not only will Temptations make your pets happy—you will end up with some comfy Ugg-like footwear in the process.