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Viacom’s Downturns Have Gotten So Predictable They’re an Easy Buck for Investors

As usual, Viacom is doomed.

Shows to Argue About Over Christmas Leftovers [Video Gallery]

Here, gentle reader, is the thing: you're going to argue with your family over the holidays. You know you are. For many of you, the debates began over your Christmas dinner last night. Here at Adweek, we feel your pain and want to help you prepare not merely to have these arguments, but to utterly crush your loved ones.

DirecTV vs. Viacom: Resolution Not Forthcoming

DirecTV and Viacom are digging in their heels: Both companies say they're not likely to come to an agreement in their carriage conflict any time soon.

Information Diet: Miranda Cosgrove

Age 19 Accomplishments Stars on Nickelodeon’s iCarly; voices Margo in Despicable Me 2 (in theaters in 2013); recording artist; winner of multiple Kids’ Choice Awards Base Los Angeles What’s the first information you consume in the morning?