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The Sin City Startup Scene: Get to Know Las Vegas’ Emerging Tech Icons

You've heard plenty about the burgeoning tech scene developing in Tinseltown, but what about Sin City? Take a road trip a few hours east of Los Angeles and you'll find a plucky Las Vegas startup community brimming with digital companies.

Fraternity Brothers Fight Over Ownership of Fast-Growing Mobile App

A story of "betrayal" and "greed"—it's a story as old as apps themselves. And now a fraternity brother is claiming he was robbed of his stake in Yik Yak, a fast-growing app where college kids post anonymously.

Sum of Yahoo’s Acqui-hires Could Be a New Mobile Homepage

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made of point of prioritizing mobile as central to the portal’s future.

ShareThis Lands Acquisition, $23 Million Funding Round to Boost Mobile Business

As just about every company at the intersection of advertising and technology races to establish or advance its mobile business, social sharing platform ShareThis has quickened its pace with overlapping moves.

Google Ventures Leads $1.875 Million Funding Round in Native Mobile Ad Startup

A lot of investor money has flowed to mobile ad startups, but much has been siphoned toward companies working on how to better target mobile ads or build ties between mobile and desktop users. Instead of focusing on how ads get distributed and to whom, Namo Media (short for “native mobile”) aims to fix where they get distributed and what they look like.

Pinterest Pins $2.5 Billion Valuation With $200 Million Funding Round

Pinterest isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Fast Chat: PepsiCo’s Josh Karpf

Earlier this fall, PepsiCo unveiled a 12-week tech startups incubator program in red-hot Brazil, building on similar efforts by the beverage/snacks

Pinterest’s Commerce-Minded Rival Fancy Registers $26 Million Funding Round

Yesterday New York-based startup Fancy, which takes Pinterest’s social scrapbooking use case and connects it with commerce, posted a regulatory filing showing it nabbed a $26 million funding round.

Brands Pulling Mobile In-house

Mobile app money has turned many tech startups into multimillion-dollar firms in recent years while padding the coffers of ad agencies acting as middlemen.