Stitch Fix

Why Did These $68 Shorts From Stitch Fix Show Up With a $24.97 Price Tag From Nordstrom Rack?

Blogger Kat Bouska usually loves being surprised by what's inside her monthly Stitch Fix fashion box deliveries, but the most recent one included something she truly didn't expect: an original price tag that showed just how much she was being overcharged.The popular subscription company charges Kat (and many others) $20 for its personal shopping service, then sends her a box with five pieces of clothing and accessories. The charm is that she can try it all on in the comfort of her own home, and send back what she doesn't like. She can buy what she does like, and the $20 styling fee will go toward that purchase (items are $55 each, on average, per the site). If she doesn't like any of the pieces, she can send it all back (within three days), but lose out on the $20 styling fee.Except this time around, her $68 shorts came with another tag on it—a Nordstrom Rack tag with a discounted price of $24.95. That's a rather shocking markup of 173 percent.She's not the only Stitch Fix fan who has noticed she might be paying too much for discount apparel. In a comment to Bouska's Facebook post about her recent delivery, another subscriber named Kathleen Enge remarked: "My Stitch Fix pieces arrived. I loved them. Two days later one of the dresses was featured on Nordstrom Rack Haute App for 50% less."So are these experiences indicative of Stitch Fix customers being misled about the price and source of their purchases? In other words, is Stitch Fix routinely buying discounted clothes at retail and then selling them at a markup?Absolutely not, says a Stitch Fix spokeswoman, who declined to be named. "We're a retailer just like any other store. We purchase clothing at wholesale and sell them at retail," she said.