Steve Shannon

Why Licensed Music Matters to Brands Like Hyundai and Chobani

Even though classic rockers like Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan have finally warmed to licensing their songs to brands, marketing chiefs remain picky about when and how to use music in ads.

Hyundai, in a Shift, to Use Celebs in a Super Bowl Ad

Hyundia Motor America typically eschews celebrities in its Super Bowl ads. Not this time.One of the two 30-second ads that lead creative agency Innocean USA is developing for the Feb. 3 game will feature three celebrities, according to Steve Shannon, the company's vp of marketing.

Fast Chat: Hyundai’s Shannon on Super Bowl Advertising

Hyundai is a true believer in the Super Bowl, having been on the last five games. This year, the brand returns with two comical 30-second ads from Innocean USA that will air in the first and second quarters.

Hyundai Mixes Music and Humor in Super Bowl Ads

Music plays a starring role in Innocean USA's Super Bowl Sunday push for Hyundai this year.