Steve Jobs

Want to Produce Craft Beyond the Norm? Hire Confident Oddballs

In the late 1960s, arguably the heyday of our industry, advertising icon David Ogilvy wrote a five-point memo to his office managers worldwide, noting "the characteristics which suggest to [him] that a person has the potential for rapid promotion." They were: The person is ambi

Facebook and YouTube Stats Show the Buzz About ‘Steve Jobs’ Is Huge for a Biopic

If any CEO is known for creating buzz before a product launch, it's Steve Jobs. Apple's co-founder was the king of hype. Now, his legacy is being measured in a new way—especially when it comes to Facebook and YouTube video views.

The Steve Jobs Movie Includes Historical Cameos by These 12 Tech Brands (Besides Apple)

The eponymous Steve Jobs movie, which stars Michael Fassbender as Apple's iconic co-founder, is like a history lesson in digital brands. Eschewing the typical biopic format, the film, which will be released nationally on Oct. 23, takes place in the hours shortly before three major product launches—1984's Macintosh, 1988's NeXT's Black Cube and 1998's iMac. 

The Myths and Mysteries of Apple’s Apple

Earlier in December, conservative commentator Glenn Beck raised eyebrows when he managed to link Apple's famous logo to, among other things, Nazis, homosexuality and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Lee Clow Says Steve Jobs Was Even More Demanding Than Jay Chiat

TBWA's Lee Clow thought he had met the toughest, most uncompromising leader in Jay Chiat, the former CEO of Chiat/Day—that is, until he met Steve Jobs.

Here’s Why Gerry Graf Is the Best Speaker During Advertising Week

Just when you thought Advertising Week could not get more full of itself, along comes Gerry Graf.

Larry Ellison Steps Down as Oracle’s CEO

Larry Ellison has stepped down from his position as Oracle’s chief executive after a 37-year career.

Apple Sells Out of Its First Large-Screen iPhone After Years of Resisting Phablets

What's that you said, Steve Jobs? No one's going to buy that large phone? Apple's visionary founder got a lot right, but he appears to have been wrong about supersized phones.

Can Once-Famous Gaming Giant Atari Turn a New Generation on to Pong?

Brands come and brands go, but only rarely does one dig its own grave.

Bono’s Urgent Call for Brand Partnerships Energizes Cannes to Combat AIDS

CANNES, France—A packed crowd of the world's top marketers thought they were turning out today to see Bono. What they didn't realize was that he was actually there to see them.