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Approaching creative challenges with an inventive spirit has never been more important. The worlds of marketing and media are being rapidly reshaped by data and technology, but interactive innovation only […]

PSAs Urge You to Drink Responsibly, or Wake Up With Genitalia Drawn on Your Face

Steinlager, New Zealand's biggest export beer, is concerned about the growing trend at house parties and fraternities everywhere that starts off with people drinking and ends up with people drawing genitalia on the face of the first of the passed-out-wasted."Be the artist, not the canvas" (aka, "Party hard, but not too hard, y'all"), Steinlager urges in print ads and a YouTube video from DDB in Auckland. The spot serves as a PSA to partygoers everywhere by showing cleverly, strategically and mortifyingly placed drawings on bodies. A bra on a topless dude. A monocle on a face. A face on a bald head.But wait, "Be the artist"? So Steinlager wants us to draw on unconscious people, but not be drawn on ourselves? I'm confused. I may need a drink.Now, on to questions of heavier significance: Where do people get all these Sharpies when they're out partying?