Parenting Content, Big Brands Find Way Onto TV, Movie-Sharing Sites

What do the advertisers Lysol, Resolve and NuvaRing, along with the Web shows Parenthood Today and Girl Talk have in common? Well, they’re probably targeted at women. And they’ve all been spending some time on sites where people go to watch current theatrical movies and TV shows they probably haven’t paid for. Over the past few days, users who logged onto, perhaps looking for a place to stream Despicable Me 2 or the latest episode of True Blood might have also noticed autoplay video for Parenthood Today, a Web show produced by Kineto Media. Running prior to the show were ad spots for Reckitt Benckiser brands Lysol and Resolve.

Group of Web Video Companies Band Together to Ensure Ads Are Viewable

As the Web video ad industry grows, so do the number of questions about the legitimacy of some of the available ad inventory out there. Such questions as: Where are my ads running? And how do I know if anyone can actually see them? To head off such queries before doubt solidifies, a group of companies in the video ad sector formed a consortium aimed at establishing a common standard for measuring Web video viewability, dubbed OpenVV (Open Video View). The idea is get all the players on the same page when it comes to criteria for defining whether a video ad can actually be seen. And hopefully, the result is that brands get more comfortable—and dollars flow to the medium. The group includes such frenemies as TubeMogul (which built the tech), BrightRoll, Innovid, SpotXchange and LiveRail (and notably doesn’t include YouTube, Hulu, AOL, Yahoo or the rest of the NewFront crew). That’s because DSPs like TubeMogul, SSPs like LiveRail or ad networks/exchanges like BrightRoll run ads all over the Internet, and thus face the most questions about ad viewability.

Want to Skip Those Veloster Pre-Roll Ads? What’s It Worth to You?

You all knew it was coming. An enterprising media buyer has come up with a way to let you skip ads for a small fee. Mike Shehan of SpotXchange, a company that sells digital video advertising, is rolling out a new service called SkipIt that will finally allow users to express their distaste for the Geico gecko, the Aflac duck or the advertising campaign of their choice.

Forrester Study Finds Huge Move to Real-Time Bidding for Streaming Pre-Roll Inventory

Real-time bidding—think eBay for advertisements—has been a popular way to buy display ad inventory for quite a while. Mostly, that means banner ads across a huge range of sites, and the ad sellers are who you'd expect—Google, Yahoo, etc.