Spirit Airlines

Google’s Mobile Update Has Websites Worried About Search Rankings on Phones

Google is about to release an algorithm update that could affect mobile traffic, the new lifeblood of the Internet for many websites.

Spirit Airlines Launches New Ad Strategy

Bad news for all of you who are fans of Spirit Airlines' advertising: Today, the ultra-low-price carrier known for its risqué advertising—to put it gently—

Spirit Airlines Selects a New Lead Agency

Barkley has won a pitch for Spirit Airlines' creative and media business, the airline has confirmed.

Three Agencies Chase Spirit Airlines

Three shops are competing to handle creative and media responsibilities on Spirit Airlines as the carrier’s review heads into its final stage. Sources identified the contenders as The Richards Group in Dallas, Barkley in Kansas City and Walrus in New York. Final presentations will take place tomorrow at Spirit’s headquarters in Miramar, Fla.

Spirit Airlines Begins Advertising Search

Spirit Airlines is contacting agencies about its creative and media business, according to sources. The carrier, which spends most of its marketing dollars online, has a budget of more than $5 million, sources said. Ark Advisors in New York is helping to manage the search.

What a Surprise, Spirit Airlines Is Having a ‘Binders’ Fare Sale

You can set your watch to Spirit Airlines's dumb promotions tied to provocative current events.

Spirit Airlines Strikes Again With Weiner Sale

Spirit Airlines, the crass yet timely folks behind a cavalcade of tasteless online ads that make you wonder how they're still in business, has stayed classy with a new Web banner that frankly asks, "Have you seen our wiener?" The animated banner resolves to the image above, indicating that the Wiener sale has "fares too HARD to resist," which are disturbingly low at $

Spirit Air (of course) exploits JetBlue’s saga

If any rival airline was going to make fun of JetBlue and its flight-attendant saga, it was Spirit Airlines—whose previous adventures in current-events humor included a Tiger Woods sale and […]

Spirit Airlines knows you enjoy oily beaches

Spirit Airlines, whose previous attempts at humor have included a Tiger Woods-themed sale, has now put together a tasteless oil-spill-related promotion (themed "Best Protection," or "BP") for flights to Mexico, […]

Spirit Airlines remains classy with latest ad

Spirit Airlines sure likes its risque house ads. Following up on on its Tiger Woods sale, the low-rent airline's copywriter has some juvenile fun with a winter promotion to diving-friendly […]