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Whether It’s Online or IRL, Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Is All About Authenticity

Specs Age 60 Claim to fame Host of Spike TV's Bar Rescue (new episodes begin Sunday, June 21); president of Nightclub & Bar Media Group and Taffer Media Base Las Vegas

This Company Went From Selling Street Meat to Saks Fifth Avenue

Specs Who (From left) Ross Resnick, founder and Big Burrito; Ryan van de Griendt, director of operations; Megan Madsen, account manager; Cory Murphy, director of new business

Facebook Hires TV Veteran to Run U.S. Sales

Facebook has hired longtime TV sales executive David Lawenda to serve as vp, global sales, in the U.S.

Cat Greenleaf’s Talk Stoop Moves to USA From Taxi TV

Specs Age 41

You Endure More Commercials When Watching Cable Networks

Is the viewer in the bathroom during your prime-time ad? If that ad is on CMT, there’s a good chance he is. If it runs on Bravo, she’ll be more likely to stay put.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, one lucky lady got George Clooney and buried treasure, Will Ferrell headed to Sweden to sell some Old Milwaukee (which isn't even sold there!), and train passengers got a chance to become real-life James Bonds. 

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Ad of the Day: Spike TV

Ah, conjoined-twins humor. Does it ever get old?You be the judge, as Spike TV gives you a full two-and-a-half minutes of it in the mockumentary below, produced by Hungry Man and directed by Dave Laden for the cable network.

Sick Nick a Drag on Viacom Ad Sales

Nickelodeon’s ongoing ratings woes were the talk of Viacom’s fiscal second-quarter earnings call, as executives faced a litany of pointed questions about the network’s under-deliveries.

‘Deadliest Warrior’ Finale to Close the Social TV ‘Feedback Loop’

Spike TV has tapped social TV app-maker Loyalize to power a live feedback loop for the Wednesday finale of Deadliest Warrior (airs 9:00 EST). The show will allow contestants to answer polls in real time, the results of which will appear instantly on screen, and an animated graphic will update to affect voting dynamically throughout the show.