Step Inside 92-Year-Old Marvel Comic Book Legend Stan Lee’s Office

If there were ever a person who shaped and molded the childhoods of millions, it would be Stan Lee. His decades-long tenure at Marvel produced some of America's most beloved […]

Report: Superman Is the Most Toxic Superhero Online

If you're seeking out Superman online, be on alert.

Olay’s Twins Study Tries to Tap Into Fountain of Youth

Olay wants to prove that its products really do make a difference on your skin. In order to hit home with its point, the company let one half of a set of twins try Olay Pro-X. The other wasn’t allowed to touch the product. 

Ad of the Day: Evian Spins a Familiar Web With a Dancing Baby Spider-Man

Evian has a long history of incorporating creepy CGI babies in its ads, and an equally long history of viewers gobbling it up like it's some variety of highly addictive crack cocaine.

Spoiler Alert? Trailers Reveal 25 Minutes of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

Sony Pictures' relentless marketing engine for The Amazing Spider-Man was annoying before, but now its zeal is measurable. The studio has released a total of 25 minutes of content (18 percent of the film's 136-minute running time) through trailers, featurettes and the like.

True Social Networks

The open bar-fueled upfront party is making a comeback among kids networks.