FCC Moves Ahead on Plans to Hold Wireless Spectrum Auction

Good news for consumers frustrated with dropped calls and slow downloads: The Federal Communications Commission is about to take a major step toward potentially freeing up more spectrum for wireless companies.

L.A. TV Stations Successfully Test Sharing One Channel

A pilot project in Los Angeles where two television stations successfully shared a single channel could go a long way to advancing the Federal Communications Commission's goal to coax more stations to voluntarily give up some of their spectrum for the wireless auction.

FCC’s Pai Warns Agency Against Strong-Arming Broadcasters in Auction

Did the Federal Communications Commission come close to changing its media ownership rules regarding joint sales agreements and shared service agreements?

Wireless Industry, L.A. Stations Launch Channel-Sharing Test

The wireless industry, crying out for more spectrum, has managed to convince two Los Angeles broadcasters to test out channel sharing, where two TV stations would broadcast over the same chunk of spectrum formerly occupied by one TV station.

FCC’s Tom Wheeler: The Blogging Chairman

On Tom Wheeler's second day as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, or as he called it, the "optimism agency," Wheeler blogged. He talked about himself, the staff he appointed on Monday, the FCC's place in history, and he began to set the framework for a Wheeler-led FCC policy.

Obama Orders Government to Free Up Its Spectrum Horde

In an effort to free up more more mobile spectrum, President Obama ordered the government, America's biggest cybersquatter, to figure out ways to put unused federal spectrum into the commercial marketplace. He also announced a $100 million investment in technologies for spectrum sharing and developing advanced communications.

PwC: Digital Consumption Driving Media Dealmaking

Companies in the media industry are making investments to keep up with consumers' shift to digital consumption, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers' newly released 2013 U.S. deal insights for the entertainment, media and communications sector.

TV Station Coalition Accuses FCC of Manipulating Spectrum Auction

The coalition of TV stations that is considering exiting the TV business to sell their spectrum in the government's upcoming auction could be having second thoughts, especially if selling out doesn't pay up.

Companies Spend Millions on TV Stations to Sell in Government Auction

A number of companies are buying TV stations not for the glamour of the broadcasting business, but for the megahertz.

Your Sluggish WiFi Nightmare Could Soon Come to an End

Anyone who has used WiFi recently doesn't have to be told that WiFi networks, particularly in public hot spots like airports and conferences, can be iffy, depending on how many people go on at the same time. Today, more than 60 percent of mobile data consumption happens on WiFi networks, per Arbitron Mobile. By all forecasts, WiFi demand is only going to explode.