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FCC Will Vote on Setting Aside Spectrum for Smaller Carriers in Auction

One thing you can say about FCC chairman Tom Wheeler: He's not afraid of controversy. After causing an uproar with his net neutrality proposal earlier this week, he is now ending the week poking another hornet's nest with his proposal to limit how much spectrum wireless companies can bid on during the upcoming spectrum auction set for 2015.

FCC Moves Ahead on Plans to Hold Wireless Spectrum Auction

Good news for consumers frustrated with dropped calls and slow downloads: The Federal Communications Commission is about to take a major step toward potentially freeing up more spectrum for wireless companies.

L.A. TV Stations Successfully Test Sharing One Channel

A pilot project in Los Angeles where two television stations successfully shared a single channel could go a long way to advancing the Federal Communications Commission's goal to coax more stations to voluntarily give up some of their spectrum for the wireless auction.

FCC’s Pai Warns Agency Against Strong-Arming Broadcasters in Auction

Did the Federal Communications Commission come close to changing its media ownership rules regarding joint sales agreements and shared service agreements?

Wireless Industry, L.A. Stations Launch Channel-Sharing Test

The wireless industry, crying out for more spectrum, has managed to convince two Los Angeles broadcasters to test out channel sharing, where two TV stations would broadcast over the same chunk of spectrum formerly occupied by one TV station.

New FCC Chairman Gets an Earful From House Panel

There has been no honeymoon for Tom Wheeler, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. On his 39th day at the regulatory agency, Wheeler got an earful from the GOP-controlled communications and technology subcommittee. Democrats also weren’t shy about making a few suggestions.

FCC Chair Delays Wireless Spectrum Auction to 2015

Few are likely to fault new Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler for deciding to delay the planned auction of wireless spectrum voluntarily relinquished by TV broadcasters until the middle of 2015.

Wheeler’s FCC Staff Is Telecom-Heavy

Tom Wheeler, sworn in Monday as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, didn't waste any time getting started. Word has it he was one of the first to arrive at the Portals, greeting FCC staffers as they came through the door. Wheeler also named nine people to his staff, one of the largest chairman staffs ever.

Now That Uncle Sam Is Back, What’s Next for the FCC, FTC?

Even before the last minute Senate-negotiated deal to open the government and raise the debt ceiling, there were signs that Washington was re-opening its doors. Within minutes of President Obama signing the deal that reopens the government through Jan. 15 and raises the debt ceiling deadline to Feb. 7, the Federal Communications Commission's website came back on line.

FCC and FTC Nominees Couldn’t Be More Different

Mike O’Rielly, the GOP nominee for the Federal Communications Commission, and Terrell McSweeny, the Democratic nominee for the Federal Trade Commission, couldn’t be more different. The contrasts were on display during the Senate commerce committee nomination hearing, the first major step in filling out two agencies that have been short-handed for several months.