8 Food Marketing Trends You Need to Know About Right Now

Called the Organic Valley Coffee Shop, this unique pop-up store opened in Manhattan a few weeks ago to lines a dozen deep.

Here Are the Brands Whose Follower Counts Were Hit Hardest in Instagram’s Spam Purge

The great Instagram purge of the past 24 hours hit Justin Bieber hardest—3.5 million lost followers—but some of social media's biggest brands felt the sting of loss, too.

Instagram Is Now Bigger Than Twitter With 300 Million Monthly Users

Instagram now has 300 million monthly users, picking up 100 million since March. The photo- and video-sharing app has surpassed Twitter's official user count of 284 million.

The World Eats 3 Cans of Spam Every Second

London in late December 1942 wasn’t a very merry place. The blitz had dragged into its second year, damaging or destroying nearly a million buildings. Londoners slept in the Underground each night. Over 150,000 families had no water, gas or electricity. Amid the desultory landscape, CBS broadcaster Edward R. Murrow began his Christmas broadcast for CBS radio listeners in America.

All Those Kik Pics From Strangers Will Now Be Blurred

Mobile messaging app Kik is giving users new controls to protect against unwanted anonymous advances, the company said today. The app will censor images from strangers to limit lewd content being shared by surprise, explained Heather Galt, Kik’s head of marketing and safety. 

Facebook Just Downgraded 3 Types of Spammy Posts

Facebook, in its constant News Feed vigilance, is now going after spam with its latest edict telling page administrators to end shady posting tactics just to expand their reach.

Snapchat: Sorry for All the Spam

The more the Internet changes—with services like Snapchat—the more it stays the same, with nuisances like spam.

Will Instagram’s Direct Inbox Become the New Playground for Spam and Perverts?

For Instagram users like myself, today is a day of mixed blessings. Thanks to new features announced this morning, we can finally have private conversations in the app, but Instagram is also adding the ability for anyone to send you private photos. Anyone.  Like Facebook, Instagram Direct essentially routes private messages (which must include photos or videos) into two folders: One for people you're following and one for "Pending Requests" from people you're not following. And like Facebook's "Other" inbox, a horrifying den of iniquity in which angels fear to tread, the Pending Requests folder seems almost destined to become awash in spam and penis-sharing creepers. Or as my writer friend Curtis Silver described it: Instagram direct! Dick pics with filters! — Curtis Silver (@cebsilver) December 12, 2013 A few other observations from Twitter after today's announcement: I foresee Instagram Direct being filled with spam and brands advertising directly.— Tejash Patel (@tejashpatel_) December 12, 2013 Instagram Direct ey? I have a feeling there will be a lot of strippers & "models" getn spammed w/ inappropriate pics of guys genitals. Lol— the Perceptive (@Arteest1) December 12, 2013 Instagram Nudes Are Here #instagramdirect — ▲LegendaryArt▲ (@LegendaryDEV) December 12, 2013 Instagram just made sending nudes 10x easier. — Guala (@Ohmypreciosa_) December 12, 2013 Sure, spam and perverts can already be found in droves on Instagram, but their ability to really bother users has essentially been limited to posting comments on your images. Now they'll be able to send you images directly, and if they limit their prurient activity to private messages, they might be harder for Instagram to find and purge. Here's the extent of what Instagram has shared so far on this issue in its initial FAQ about Instagram Direct:

YouTube Comments Vandalized by Troll Art

YouTube comments have devolved into a forum for phallic art. Google has admitted its new commenting system has led to some unintended consequences, like pornographic pixel portraits.

Del Monte Solves the ‘Fresh From the Can’ Problem

Life has never been a bowl of peaches for canned-food brands. Even if you look past the fact that canning arose as a cheap and easy way for Napoleon to feed his armies, canned foods have a dubious legacy: Cans are for Spam, for hobo stew; it’s the food you stash in the basement in case of an emergency.