Ad of the Day: Audi Zooms Through the Toy Aisle, Smashing Gender Norms Along the Way

At the start of Audi Spain's "The Doll That Chose to Drive," a row of Barbie-esque dolls in the pink section of a toy aisle apply makeup, perform ballet and push a baby stroller.

This Year’s Lovely Christmas Ad for the Spanish Lottery Has a Surprising Outcome: Nobody Wins

The Spanish Christmas lottery is special. It boasts one of the biggest prize pools in the world, and paid out more than $2 billion in prizes last year.  Lotto tickets are typically sold in series—employers can give the same number to employees, or whole communities can buy into a shared hope of fortune. If their number is drawn, the prize is split among everyone. Most Spanish people hold a portion of the Christmas lottery stakes every year, even if they don't play at any other time.  Building on that sense of collective hope, the drawing happens Dec. 22; whole lives can be changed over the holidays. As a result, community and sharing have become key to how the Spanish lottery promotes itself. "Antonio's Bar," from 2014, is among our favorite examples. Last year's ad, "Justino," about a night watchman and his mannequins, won the Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes. The 2016 commercial, titled "December 21st," launched this week. Like the past two spots, it was created by Leo Burnett Madrid. In this one, retired schoolteacher Carmina mistakenly believes that she and her community have won the draw—the day before it actually happens.

Into Bondage but Not Leather? This Line of BDSM Accessories Is 100 Percent Vegan

Ever want to play 50 Shades of Grey, but can't swallow the thought of all that leather and man-pandering?  There is hope. Bijoux Indiscrets—the Spanish sex-toy retailer that recently gave us an online orgasm library—just launched Maze, a collection of bondage-inspired accessories that's 100 percent vegan, and made by women, for women. 

Study Shows That 75% of Global Internet Access Will Be From Mobile This Year

With high internet speed and smartphone ownership, it's easy to imagine that Asian countries would dominate global mobile usage, but a new report from Zenith finds that Spain may actually be the world's most most plugged-in country.

This Porn Star’s Startling Ad for a Sex Show Accuses Spain of the Ultimate Hypocrisies

A striking new ad from Spain is making waves there, accusing the nation's culture of being completely disingenuous—and using an adult film star as its righteous messenger.  "My name is Amarna Miller," she says, staring into the camera, as she introduces herself in the commercial's first shot. "I'm a porn actress, and was born in a hypocritical country, where the same people calling me a whore jerk off to my videos."  It's a brutally effective opening salvo, and the 90-second commercial—promoting the 2016 Salon Erótico de Barcelona Apricots, a live sex show staged in that city—doesn't let up, indicting bullfighters, politicians, financiers, priests and all other forms of forked-tongued bad actors. 

For Love or Money? One Couple Doesn’t Have to Choose in This Lovely Spanish Lottery Ad

The lottery may not have much to do with fate, but it's a lot like love—if you don't play, you won't win, says a new ad from Spain. The three-and-a-half minute commercial for EuroMillions, the country's national cash raffle, offers a twist on a classic romance—boy meets girl, boy chases girl, boy and girl win gigantic sum of money in long-shot gamble, boy and girl live happily ever after.

Midas Subjects Its Own Mechanics to the Most Advanced Lie Detector Test in the World

Perhaps unsurprisingly, six out of 10 Spaniards think mechanics are liars, according to the Spanish Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). The country's economic crisis has only exacerbated that belief.  Midas, though, claims to have built its reputation on transparency and sincerity. To give that notion salience, Proximity subjected its mechanics to a Minority Report-style lie detector test. 

This Agency Built an Online Library of Orgasms to Teach Us What Pleasure Really Sounds Like

Here's a weird secret: I'm pretty sure the orgasm sounds I make with partners have been influenced by porn. Now you know more about me than my doctor does. Why I'm feeding you creepy personal facts: Based on the conviction that 70 percent of Spanish people believe the heaving, animal, almost painful cries depicted in pornography are what an actual woman's orgasm sounds like, premium sex toy brand Bijoux Indiscrets has created an orgasm library, with help from agency Proximity Madrid.  It's a library! Of orgasms!

Sorry, Britain, but This Lovely Christmas Ad From Spain Is the One to Watch This Year

Britain was the country that turned Christmas into an advertising showcase. But this year, a Spanish ad from Leo Burnett Madrid might just beat anything the U.K. turns out.

Cocktail Bar’s Gin-Bottle Swimmers Honored as the Year’s Best Package Design

A tiny cocktail bar in Barcelona has won best of show at The Dieline Awards 2015, honoring the world's best packaging, for its gin bottles showing swimmers cavorting in the stuff.