6 Examples of How Marketers Are Using Snap Inc.’s Spectacles

Snap Inc.'s video-capturing Spectacles are finally here and marketers are already getting their hands on them from vending machines called Snapbots, which started appearing yesterday near the Venice, Calif.,-based company's headquar

This Creative Director Explains Why Brands Should Start Testing Snap Inc.’s Spectacles ASAP

Ned Lampert, creative director at space150, got a message just after 6 this morning in his Los Angeles-area home from a colleague back east. The message in essence: Snapchat's Spectacles are being sold on Venice Beach, so get your butt down there and get a pair. "So I sprinted over there," Lampert explained. "I got there before 8 a.m."

This Nonprofit Is Searching for Millennial Bone Marrow Donors on Snapchat

                  Be The Match

This Agency’s Summer Interns Imagined What Brands Will Look Like on Snapchat in 2020

Intern season is in full swing, and agencies are increasingly finding their newest summer hires on Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram.

The Spot: Buying Target’s Story

IDEA: Attracted to each other but still seeing other people, online video content and commerce are the bumbling main characters in their own romantic comedy. They've flirted for years, and you know they'll get together eventually, but it's taking them forever to figure it out.

One Agency That Was Really Jumping Up and Down for Leap Day

You probably spent Feb. 29 watching YouTube videos, staring at a blank Word doc, and reading AdFreak. Or maybe you were one of the more than 1800 people who observed Leap Day by jumping up and down to raise money to feed the hungry.

The Top 10 Technologists

Until recently, programmers were the unsung heroes behind the technical wizardry gracing anything with a screen. Now, however, we know better: It’s a geek world and we just live in it.