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It Sounds Obvious, but to Be Trusted, Brands Must Be Honest

After the nastiest, most mean-spirited presidential campaign in modern history resulted in a new presidency that will be markedly different from the last eight years, many questions remain about whether the divided country can overcome its deep lack of trust in our government, the media, and many institutions.

Ad of the Day: Southwest Airlines Aims High in Mini Musicals From GSD&M

Who wants a song and dance from their airline? We'll soon find out, thanks to Southwest's glitzy musical ads from GSD&M, part of the carrier's overarching "Transfarency" campaign.

Southwest Airlines Brings Back ‘Wanna Get Away’ Campaign, Gone for Almost a Decade

Southwest Airlines jets back to the future in new work from GSD&M, revisiting its "Wanna Get Away" campaign, which flew off the radar almost a decade ago. GSD&M developed the concept for Southwest in 1998, and the tagline propelled a series of ads that ran for the next 10 years. Lest anyone forget, the original spots presented folks seeking to escape from all manner of comically embarrassing situations.

Infographic: How Key Lifestyle Brands Resonate With Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers

Y&R BAV Worldwide asked consumers to choose their favorite brands in specific categories. "Consumers of all ages want brands to feel personalized and meaningful to them," said Y&R BAV president Michael Sussman.

Why Shark Week Is Sinking Its Teeth Into July

In this year's promos for Shark Week, Discovery is calling it "The Most Wonderful Week of the Year"—and that's not just hyperbole.

This Indie Band Sang About Tennessee at 35,000 Feet on a Southwest Flight

Passengers of a Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Dallas, Texas, to Memphis, Tennessee, were treated to some unusual in-flight entertainment Tuesday. When the plane reached 35,000 feet, indie rock band The Black Cadillacs took the aisle for an in-flight concert. But why?

Family Kicked Off Southwest Flight After Father Tweeted Complaint

A family was asked to de-board Southwest flight 2347 from Denver to Minneapolis on Sunday, following the father tweeting a complaint about a "rude" gate agent.

Southwest Airlines Is Completely, Hopelessly, Head Over Heels in Love in New Ads

When it comes to airports and traveling by plane, what's not to love? GSD&M spins the Beatles' flower-power anthem "All You Need Is Love" in these Southwest Airlines ads celebrating the carrier's emancipation from the Wright Amendment. The 35-year-old legislation restricted long-distance flights from Love Field in Dallas to protect business at the competing Dallas/Fort Worth International. When the amendment expires in October, Southwest can jet nonstop all over the country from Love Field. Happy spots feature fireworks, a colorful water-cannon salute on the tarmac and an "All You Need Is Love" sing-along at a Texas Rangers game. "Love Moment," the most offbeat commercial of the bunch, captures a few seconds of Love Field activity in super slow-motion—which is exactly how time seems to pass when your flight's been delayed. Kidding, of course. The folks look as pleased as punch to hang around the terminal taking selfies. An indie band called Echosmith provides the Fab Four cover. Their version's got nothing on the original, but it sure beats airport muzak.

Southwest Shines With Flight Attendant’s Viral Video as Social Media Sours for Other Airlines

It's been a weird week for airlines in social media, and it's only Tuesday. On Monday a Dutch teen was arrested for tweeting a threat to American Airlines, and US Airways accidentally tweeted a photo of a woman using a model airplane as a sex toy.  But here's one airline that's actually getting some positive attention this week: Southwest.

TBWA Recasts Again Atop Its Creative Department in L.A.

For the second time in as many years, TBWA is recasting at the top of the creative department of its largest office, according to sources.