Sour Patch Kids

6 Examples of How Marketers Are Using Snap Inc.’s Spectacles

Snap Inc.'s video-capturing Spectacles are finally here and marketers are already getting their hands on them from vending machines called Snapbots, which started appearing yesterday near the Venice, Calif.,-based company's headquar

Here’s What Sour Patch Kids’ Crash Pad for Bands in Austin Looks Like

While most of this week's South by Southwest brand activations are taking place smack dab in downtown Austin, Sour

How Sour Patch Kids Is Using Free Lodging to Become the Favorite Brand for Bands

In October, Sour Patch Kids opened the Brooklyn Patch, a brownstone nestled in the borough's Clinton Hill neighborhood that roving musicians can use as a crash pad while in town for gigs and video shoots.

Sour Patch Kids Taps Fan Fiction Writers to Woo Teens on Valentine’s Day

When you think of influencer marketing, Vine, Instagram and YouTube personalities probably come to mind.

YouTube Stars Just Aren’t Themselves in New Sour Patch Kids Video Series

Sour Patch Kids candy will launch its new "Breaking Out" video series today, and it's being billed as the first branded show to cast a group of YouTube stars as scripted characters.

Online Video and Mobile Now Make Up 20% of Mondelēz’s Global Spend

Mondelēz International's announcement earlier this week that it will allocate 10 percent of its advertising budget to online video now means 20 percent of the snack brand's global spend goes to mobile and online video.

12 Marketers Already Experimenting With Instagram’s Hyperlapse App

Only one day after Instagram launched the stand-alone Hyperlapse app that makes short, time-lapse videos, a number of big brands are testing the feature out.

Snapchat Will Reportedly Debut Ads and Videos

According to the The Wall Street Journal, Snapchat is poised to introduce Snapchat Discovery in November, which will allow publishers to serve up ads, video clips and other content.

Sour Patch Kids’ Snapchat Effort Is a First for Mondelez Brands

Sour Patch Kids has launched a five-day Snapchat campaign, which marks parent Mondelez International's initial foray on the smartphone app as well as the candy brand's first time utilizing social media influencers.

Sour Patch Kids, the Game: Can You Stomach It?

Sour Patch Kids really just want you to eat them. That's the amusing, if obvious, message driving World Gone Sour, a video game the brand launched for PlayStation and Xbox yesterday.