Commercial Breaks Aren’t Twitter Breaks

While Twitter is rapidly changing the way we watch live television, a new study suggests that the social media giant isn’t necessarily having a corrosive effect on commercial deliveries.

Nielsen: 29 Percent of TV Ratings Impacted by Twitter

In a first attempt at establishing a causal relationship between Twitter activity and TV ratings, Nielsen on Tuesday released a study that suggests that the social media platform can in fact have a meaningful impact on GRPs.

Nielsen-Backed Venture Fund Close to Signing First Company

As head of Nielsen’s global business development and mergers and acquisitions business, Itzhak Fisher is used to evaluating young companies. The goal was to size up a startup for acquisition—until just recently.

Is SocialGuide Enough to Give Nielsen a Leg Up?

Nielsen and NM Incite (Nielsen's joint venture with McKinsey & Co.) have acquired SocialGuide, a company that tracks the viewing habits of Twitter users.