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This Ad Campaign Starts With Cool Cinemagraphs on Instagram, Then Follows Up on Facebook

This Marketing Pro Practiced His Facebook Ad Targeting by Making His Roommate Completely Paranoid

Roderick Russell was a bit shocked by just how personalized the ads on his Facebook page were becoming. In the right-hand rail he started seeing messages for cures to a unique malady of his—he's a professional sword swallower but has trouble swallowing his vitamin pills without gagging.

Facebook and Are Having a Great Cat-and-Mouse Game

Facebook keeps catching with its pants down when it comes to ad policies on the social network. But the underwear e-tailer is having too much fun and experiencing too much success to stop.

Twitter’s Tailored Audiences Program Gets More Targeted

Marketers now have new tools with which to target Twitter users in its Tailored Audiences program, the social messaging platform announced today.

Facebook Gives Retailers New Tool to Gauge Sales

Facebook is now helping retailers close the loop from placing ads to making sales.

How Twitter Stepped Up Its Ad Game

With Tailored Audiences, Twitter has signaled to the rest of the ad world that it truly is open for business. The new ad offering enables brands to retarget users based on their desktop Web-surfing habits on Twitter’s mobile app via Sponsored Tweets.

Twitter Retargeting Comes to Mobile

Twitter is expanding its advertising products with retargeting capabilities for marketers to better reach audiences on mobile devices, the company announced today. It’s the next leap for the newly public company's still-nascent advertising business.

Twitter Inks Content Partnership Deal With BBC America

In an ongoing effort to provide high-quality video for its website while gaining ad revenue, Twitter has reached a content deal with BBC America, the cable network announced via a tweet:

Ads Tool Gives #Retargeting a Makeover

Two years after introducing a tool that targets potential Facebook fans around the Web, RadiumOne today debuts a hashtag-based system that takes aim at Twitter users.