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Facebook Has Now Revealed Its Fourth Marketing Metrics Problem Since September

Facebook has been undervaluing iPhone audiences on certain posts by Instant Articles publishers, per its blog post on Friday.

BuzzFeed Makes First Acquisition, Buys Kingfish Labs

With so much focus on its editorial endeavors, BuzzFeed keeps it fairly quiet on the product and development side.

Fast Chat: Rich Riley

Rich Riley recently stepped up to the post of Yahoo’s evp of Americas amid a larger company reorganization that placed the region’s media and advertising business under one umbrella.

Oh, the Humanity! When Brands Become Publishers

The banner ad appears to be on life support. Or at least that is what social publishers are trying to convince audiences and advertisers at every available opportunity. Nick Denton made news on the topic last week, and the discussion of brands' evolving role as publishers has saturated a good deal of the social conversation throughout the first two days of Internet Week. According to the social publishing experts on a panel, moderated by Digitas' Jordan Bitterman, the shift to brands as publishers is, above all else, a step toward re-humanizing advertising and developing emotional connections with content. BuzzFeed president Jon Steinberg said that social publishing forces brands to use a "lighter touch" and "love the user," claiming that he's see loads of statistics to support that claim.

It’s Hard Out There for a Freelancer

For journalists, a freelancing career usually means a life of instability and, in the Internet age, can result in partnerships with less-than-reputable publishers and institutions.

Jonah Peretti Pulls Back the Curtain on Social Publishing

It took less than two minutes before Charlie Rose had BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti talking about "cute kittens" last evening (April 18), which, interestingly enough, is exactly why BuzzFeed has turned the digital publishing arena on its head.