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Facebook Lets High-Rolling Brands See What Users Really Think in This Elite Program

Facebook is giving select brands exclusive access to information gleaned from its 1.3 billion users, letting high-rolling advertisers find out what consumers really think based on comments and other telling social activities, according to industry insiders famili

Radisson’s Social Branding Went Through the Roof After Dropping the Vikings

Yesterday may have been Radisson Hotels' best digital marketing performance ever, thanks to dropping its Minnesota Vikings' sponsorship in reaction to the team's

Burger King’s Canada Move Really Ticks Off Twitter Users

So Burger King might be heading to Canada to catch a tax break, eh? That's not sitting well with Twitter users, per new data from SponsorHub.

Samsung and Grey Poupon’s Oscars Ads Win on Twitter

Samsung's big Oscars ad buy was a huge success on Twitter, according to data from Networked Insights, which found that the brand had th