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Izea’s New Exchange Puts Social Media Reach Up for Auction

Even mommy bloggers could now sell their advertising services—like promotional tweets and YouTube videos—through an automated exchange.

Klout Perks Crosses 1 Million Claims, More Than 400 Campaigns

Nearly three years after Klout launched Klout Perks as its first paid product for brands—letting marketers like Chevy reward influential users with offers like a weekend-long test drive—more than one million Perks have been claimed across over 400 campaigns, the social inf

Klout for Business Is Only First Step to a Serious Marketing Platform

Social marketing can be wasteful. Depending on how often someone checks their Facebook News Feed or Twitter stream, they might rarely see a brand’s message unless it was paid to be put front and center.

Klout Perks Up Online, Offline Worlds

Klout used to be cute. It was a way to claim status by having your social influence measured. Influencers liked being deemed influential and having others aware of their influence.

Little Bird Lands $1M

Meet Little Bird, a social search startup unveiled today, and the latest from Wieden + Kennedy's Portland-based tech incubator to draw investment.

SocialCode Zeroes In on Facebook Influencers

Advertisers are inundated with ways to target Facebook users, from age to gender to interests. But it’s usually up to advertisers to find that special blend of reach and targeting to get in front of the right users.

Kred Story Tracks Social Influence

Users are more than just a number. That’s been the knock against social influence analyzers like Klout and Kred, which assign users an influencer score based on their social media profiles. But both companies are in the midst of moving away from the score.